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Wearing surgical masks day in and day out are essential, but not always the most comfortable. Our 3D printed ear savers easily attach to your surgical mask straps to relieve the pressure from the backs of your ears, and further the security of the mask against your face. With different levels for adjusting, our Ear Savers are a one-size-fits-most solution to keep your mask in place and alleviate strap discomfort.

*This item is sold in packs of 10*

Qty: 1 = 10 Ear Savers

Qty: 2 = 20 Ear Savers

Qty: 5 = 50 Ear Savers

Qty: 20 = 200 Ear Savers

Qty: 50 = 500 Ear Savers

Qty: 100 = 1,000 Ear Savers


Proudly Canadian Made